Is Your Wood Flag Falling Apart?

Call a professional to restore it

If your custom wood flag is starting to fade or look worn-out, you don't have to replace it. You can restore it to its original beauty by contacting Moore Wood Flags. Just like you can sand and refinish old decks, hardwood floors and fences, we can repair your wood flag for you. No matter its condition, we'll make every effort to fix your wooden flag so you can enjoy it for as long as possible.

Schedule wooden flag repair services by contacting us now.

We have the skills to fix all kinds of problems

You can rest assured that we'll go the distance to restore your wooden flag. Our experienced carpenter will...

  • Repair any damage that can be fixed
  • Sand your flag to remove scratches and old, faded paint or stain
  • Refinish the flag to give it a brand-new appearance

We can fix flags designed for indoor or outdoor use. Find out more when you call 940-782-0149.