My siblings and I ordered this beautiful wood Texas Flag for my dad. It it absolutely gorgeous and the craftsmanship is amazing! He loved it so much and will be displaying it in their living room for all to see! Thank you Derrick for everything!

Kelly Cotterman O'Donnell

Priceless products for parents that have everything already! wonderful interactions and great service.

Jen Wise

There's not a better place to buy a customer piece from. Bought two flags, one texas, one US and both were top of the line quality. Do no hesitate to buy anything they make. Guaranteed quality.

Josh Roberts

My kids bought a flag for their dad. It is absolutely beautiful, I would highly recommend Moore Word.

Annamarie Tatro

Haven't had the chance to hang my one of a kind (as of now) flag. It is amazingly beautiful and the craftsmanship is top notch

Misty Hansen Fields

Awesome Work! You do great work!

Lynne Moore

The flags are so beautiful, so much detail. He definitely loves what he does and it comes across in his work! I won the first Texas Flag and will definitely be purchasing the United States flag to go along with it soon!

Kari Barnes

Amazing work, really. All handcrafted with hours and hours dedicated to each flag. The details are amazing. Great work!

Dean Zerby

i know derrick puts his heart and soul in to every flag he build his work ethic is second to none if you want hand crafted wood work he is your guy

Timothy Barrett

My sister and I got my dad a flag for his birthday. My dad absolutely loves his flag! Thank you!

Jeffery Tatro